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Further sacred sites that deserve a visit include: Raja Maha Vihara, the most impressive of Sri Lanka's Cave Temples, known for its spectacular Buddha and Hindu statue-filled interiors, dating back to the 1st century; and Dalada Maligawa, the Sacred Tooth Relic, considered one of the most holy sites to the Buddhist community of Sri Lanka.

Moving forward in Sri Lanka’s more recent history, the rolling hills of Nuwara Eliya hold the secrets of what was once a haven for English and Scottish pioneers of the tea industry.

Another historical marvel is that of Polonnaruwa, an archaeological park revealing what life was like some 800 years ago, when this city was the thriving epicentre of commercial and religious life.

Here, you will find hundreds of ancient structures, tombs, temples, statues and stupas.

A visit to the iconic rock fortress, Sigiriya, will give you an insight into the ancient civilisation that once occupied this land.

Despite its age dating back to the 5th century, the thoughtful attention to detail in the planning and execution of the remarkable engineering, architecture and artistic flair involved in constructing the fortress complex are still evident today.

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Meanwhile in the Sinjharja rainforest, multiple amphibians, reptiles and species of bird can be found.

Beer and lager are readily available and Lion Beer is a refreshing ale that you will regularly come across too.

Wildlife is abundant in Sri Lanka, in the form of incredible mammals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures.

The latter is also a staple with prawn, beef, mutton, goat, vegetable and red lentil (massor dahl) curries.

Another dish that goes well with rice is wambatu moju - slices of deep-fried eggplant, cooked together with multiple spices, vinegar, shallots, ginger and garlic to create a taste similar to a caramelised pickle.

Watalappan is one such example of a type of coconut custard pudding, seasoned with cardamom, cloves and nutmeg.

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