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China's smartphone maker Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi 5 in Beijing today. Founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, says the new model is by far the most beautiful it has developed.Tech giant Samsung Electronics has unveiled the latest versions of its flagship Galaxy S series of mobile phones.(Money Watch) Ever notice how often people are glued to their mobile phones, like they've forgotten how to put them down? According to a recent study carried out by Harris Interactive for mobile payment vendor Junio, people are using their phones at what polite company might consider the most inappropriate of places.(Hat tip to the Center for Media Research.) On top of what people admit to doing with their own phones, almost 29 percent admitted to snooping on the phones of others.It carries as many passengers as the metro, and it runs like a bus on the road.Hangzhou in East China has lifted restrictions to put more green cars on the road. It's part of the country's initiative to clean up the air and encourage the industry to come up with more green technologies.

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It's now available in 6 countries, including Ghana.

China will cement its lead as the world's largest smartphone market in 2013 as the nation is expected to sell 240 million smartphones, nearly one-third of global shipments, industry analysis firm Canalys said on Thursday.

The number of people using We Chat, a voice-messaging service developed by the Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd, has hit 300 million in the less than two years since the service was released, the Shenzhen-based company said on Wednesday.

The phone's debut occurred in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress over the weekend.

South Korean technology giant Samsung is still betting on big phones.

The screen size was smaller than the 4.8-inch Galaxy S3, but was the same as the one of Apple's i Phone5.

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