3min dating who is lindsay price dating

For example, most of us don’t have an exercise bike sitting in our living room. If you only have 3 minutes to spare, why not try running in place or skipping down the hallway?

Or, if you have grandkids, maybe it would be fun to race them to the end of the garden and back a few times.

This way you will be more likely to be consistent about your 3 minute workout program.

If you prefer to be guided through your 3 minute workout, there is a fun option available on Oprah’s website by personal trainer Joel Harper.

This event will be held in the format of an ‘academic speed-dating’: eight to ten participants of different disciplines and academic levels will be given 3min/2 slides each to present their work, followed by 2min of Q&A.

The first time I followed Joel’s 3 minute workout, I felt so energized!

I knew immediately that I had done something great for my body and mind. Let’s both set an alarm to go off every day at a certain time. What are you willing to do to be more active and physically fit?

He calls this concept HIT (High Intensity Training) and it includes doing short bursts of intense exercise that are incorporated into your daily routine.

Mosley claims that this style of high intensity exercise is how our Paleolithic ancestors got their daily activity – by making short, very fast sprints – away from sabre tooth tigers, I suppose?

There will be time over lunch for further conversations and networking.

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