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More recent tests have put them at 32,000 to 34,000 years old.Both time frames coincide with the arrival of modern humans into the area, keeping alive the theory that the two groups mixed, both physically and socially.Densha Otoko, "Train Man", is a Japanese movie, television series, manga, novel, and other media, all based on the purportedly true story of a 23-year-old man who intervened when a drunk man started to harass several women on a train. The event and the man's subsequent dates with the woman were chronicled on 2channel.

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Currently 2continues to scrape the contents of 2channel in real-time.For example, would become ttp://ja.wikipedia.org/. One of the most distinctive features of 2ch is the complete freedom of anonymous posting.This is a large departure from most English language internet forums which require some form of registration, usually coupled with email verification for further identification of an individual.2channel uses a referral system for any links to external websites posted on the forum.People clicking on a link are first sent to a page filled with advertisements where a link to the actual site is placed.It also saves bandwidth, which is a major concern on a forum as large as 2ch.

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