Abhishek bachchan dating priyanka chopra


But seems like Abhishek won’t be a part of this much-talked about film and apparently the credit goes to Priyanka.

The Diva wants her male lead to be someone who hasn’t been a part of a period film before.

As per sources, “Priyanka wants an actor who hasn’t done a period film before.

And Priyanka looked totally out of place as Sunil's wife.

And how could we forget, it featured a Hrithik Roshan look-alike.

Priyanka was said to be dating Harman Baweja back then too, but clearly their love story had no future, just like the film. And there wasn't just one version of Priyanka, there were actually 12! Well a movie about fantasy, superhero, adventure, or whatever it was, is a recipe for disaster.

The storyline resembles the Argentinian film Nine Queens.

Bluffmaster released on 16 December 2005, and received positive response from critics.

The film turned out to be a moderate success at the box office, earning the verdict "average" by

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