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While its demise now may be at hand — the company declined to comment to several CNBC requests — Jawbone innovations live on and may extract future economic value.Many of its products integrated military-grade noise-canceling technologies Jawbone developed in-house.The Białystok Ghetto was set up by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland soon after the German invasion of the Soviet Union.In February 1943, the first wave of mass deportations to Treblinka extermination camp took place, organized during country-wide Aktion Reinhard.

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Jawbone became so closely associated with the company, then called Aliph, that they eventually took their name from this product and became Jawbone.Here are three gadgets that Jawbone created which — for a time — were novel in design and out ahead of many other consumer tech companies.An ear-worn Bluetooth headset, the Jawbone sported a sleek design in an age where most headsets were frumpy affairs that either couldn't hear well or included a long boom to better receive sound.The uprising was launched on the night of August 16, 1943 and was the second-largest ghetto uprising organized in Nazi-occupied Poland after the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of April–May 1943.The revolt began upon the German announcement of mass deportations from the Ghetto.However, it was seen as a way to die in combat rather than in German camps.

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