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Jensen's mother Donna Ackles also appeared as an extra in the same episode pic here.

Jensen's sister Mackenzie has appeared in 2 episodes, 2.03 Bloodlust and 7.06 Slash Fiction.

His acting was so well received by both audiences and producers that he returned in season 2 of Dark Angel as the regular character Alec/X5-494, Ben's clone.

Jensen has done voice work on the animated film Batman: Under The Red Hood and the Supernatural: The Animation, as well as for the video games Tron: Evolution and The 3rd Birthday‎.

@Cari Ann923 was the first to respond, and Jared did fax her the front page of the script to be shot by Jensen. On the Season 7 DVD and Blu-Ray, Jensen features in the special feature: "Directing Supernatural: Seven directors talk about their work on Supernatural".

Jensen directed 8.03 Heartache, written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, in season eight.

Danneel's brother Gino Graul and her niece Valerie appeared as demons in 10.03 Soul Survivor.

In the episode 6.15 The French Mistake, Sam and Dean find themselves in an alternate reality on the set of Supernatural, mistaken for Jensen and Jared.

Jensen planned to study sports medicine to become a physical therapist but ended up giving acting a shot.

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