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Same day payouts by bank transfer or apply for our Pre Paid Master Card® Our Software suite is one of a kind. As of today, every time a Tweet is posted out with regards to a new Clip Store video or Pic Store photo set we will also include the poster/thumbnail you chose for that video clip or photo set. Our software does everything so all you need to do is drive the traffic. 75% across all our software and 85% for Donate™ Request payouts every 7 days.

For the live cam industry , the equivalent of Oscars are the AW Awards .The Software: Good software is in essence like a car, cheap software being a cheap ford and cutting edge software being a Formula 1 Race Car.There is so much code that goes into a properly coded adult video chat software (If done right) than most could understand (one of the main reasons you see very few proper providers, at the time of updating maybe 3 at most).To be able to give the awards to the ones that deserves the most , we created a complex , but still simple to understand voting process .Part of the organisers comitee , Night Prowl Studio cannot be nominated at AW Awards .In this article the truth between a webcam script and a full fledge adult video chat business solution will be discussed, it’s up to you to decide what is best for you, but at least knowing the facts before you purchase may save you more money in the long run. Full Service Provider: There are many different variations available when looking to start a new adult video chat business, but inevitably most potential web cam business owner’s look at buying software first, before actually putting a full-fledged business plan together.

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