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findings were upper extremity hypertension, intra- scapular systolic murmur, and evidence of external chest wall injury. A permanent mold, carved from balsa wood and covered by a condom, was placed in the vagina. Another provision of the new statute exempts UQCPROs from the Freedom of Information Act, thus helping to maintain the confidentiality of medical information.

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JANUARY 1983 5 AORTIC INJURIES / Vaughan et al imperative that the diagnosis be established prompt- ly and surgical repair begun as soon as possible. This illustrates the skin graft and the mold (covered by a condom) to be transplanted into the vaginal space. The term UQCPROis defined as an entity which “is composed of a substantial number of licensed doctors of medicine and osteopathy engaged in the practice of medicine or surgery in the area” or an entity which has available to it the services of a sufficient number of physicians engaged in the prac- tice of medicine or surgery, to assure the adequate peer review of the services provided by the various medical specialties and sub-specialties.

It seldom causes a swelling in Scarpa’s triangle unless the limb on the ipsilateral side is flexed, abducted or rotated out- ward. Clinical Material Since 1978, numerous patients have been seen at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the Medical University of South Carolina with acute tramatic injury to the thoracic aorta sustained in motor vehicle accidents. Jackson, Mississippi Congenital absence of the vagina occurs in ap- proximately 1 in 5000 female births, 1 but if consi- dered from the standpoint only of women presenting with primary amenorrhea, the disorder is fairly com- mon. The PSRO program, established under 1972 amendments to the Social Security Act, was beset by problems throughout its ten-year history.

Rarely is the hernia visible since the hernia is cov- ered by the pectineus muscle. Recent experience at two large university medical centers will demonstrate approaches in handling these pa- tients. In Human Sexual Response, chapter 7, Boston, Little, Brown Co., 1966, pp. JANUARY 1983 11 A Look at the Peer Review Improvement Act of 1982 PATSY SILVER After many years of controversy the Professional Standards Review Organization (PSRO) program has been repealed by Congress and replaced by a system outlined in the Peer Review Improvement Act of 1982.

3304 North State St Jackson, MS 39216 Kidney Care, lnc. Brookhaven, MS 39601 LIBR JUN 6 VOHK ACADEMY Of MEDICINE Kidney Care, lnc. In Riverside’s open, non-institutional environment, traditional and new, progressive psycho- therapies are utilized. 1 A Great Southern National Bank BANKof JACKSON Post Office Drawer 23023 Jackson. Also, the obturator approach may be applicable if there is a palpable mass in the obturator area. All patients survived, and there were no com- plications associated with the aortic injury or its method of repair. The authors present a case history of a young woman with vaginal agenesis and describe the sur- gical management of her condition. Support for the new program has also been announced by the American Medical Association.

Riverside Hospital is a 56-bed, short-term care facility which provides intensive treatment of patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses, alcoholism, and drug dependencies. One professional f manual in- stitution' that z Vifl dornorefzrr yarn and serve ctil of iprim finan- cial needs mu a dap yarn deserve. K tn Vetc yoie to ctiscc Veroicr professorial mtiestrrunt and lending services handled by krunctidpeodd Bankers vtnoyel things moving, c^intiktij . Other described approaches include the retropubic approach which may have advantages in the patient in which the correct diagnosis has been made prior to surgery. The aor- tic injuries were repaired with dacron grafts and aortic cross-clamp time ranged from 23 to 36 min- utes. Vaginal agenesis is a rare disorder, but when considered in young women presenting with primary amenorrhea it is fairly common. The Foundation’s Board of Directors viewed the bill as a way to eliminate some weaknesses with the existing law and permit the state’s peer review organization to operate more effectively.

But Kidney Care’s commitment extends beyond patient care. Cardiopulmonary bypass has been long used for repair of traumatic thoracic aortic injuries. 4 In his book, On the Nature of Woman, Hippocrates gives a description of obstruction of the vaginal canal. Abbe, R.: New method of creating a vagina in a case of congenital absence. The statute authorizes UQCPROs to review vir- tually any and all services covered by Medicare.

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