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After the founding of the United States, many Native American peoples were subjected to warfare, removals, and one-sided treaties, and they continued to suffer from discriminatory government policies into the 20th century.

Since the 1960s the self-determination movement has resulted in many changes to the lives of Native Americans.

The term excludes Native Hawaiians and some Alaska Natives.

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By comparison, the indigenous peoples of Canada are generally known as First Nations.Some of the Northeastern and Southwestern cultures in particular were matrilineal and operated on a more collective basis than the Europeans were familiar with.The majority of Indigenous American tribes maintained their hunting grounds and agricultural lands for use of the entire tribe.Europeans at that time had patriarchal cultures and had developed concepts of individual property rights with respect to land that were extremely different.The differences in cultures between the established Native Americans and immigrant Europeans, as well as shifting alliances among different nations in times of war, caused extensive political tension, ethnic violence, and social disruption.NMAI also maintains unaccessioned collections, including educational teaching collections and non-Native works of art depicting American Indian subjects, as well as poorly documented materials currently being researched for their value to the overall collection or potential disposition.

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