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I have a number of gpx files that my app creates and will need to parse at a later stage in the app. I've seen alot of examples of parsers on this site and others but they all use objects like A gpx file has zero,one or more tracks, routes or waypoints so it makes sense that gpx parsers have those type of objects. Gpx does not have anyhing called 'location'. A CDATA sections was just read; this token is available only from calls to next Token().A call to next() will accumulate various text events into a single event of type TEXT.* The encoding is UTF8 * * @param os the output where the XML will be written to * @throws IOException if an IO error occured * @see #parse(

* * @param modifications File the modification file * * @return a map of all indexes: modification name > OMSSA index * @throws Xml Pull Parser Exception if an Xml Pull Parser Exception occurs * @throws File Not Found Exception if a File Not Found Exception occurs * @throws IOException if an IOException occurs */ public static Hash Map/** * Gets a new configured for parsing Accurev XML files.

URL) */ public void write XML(Output Stream os) throws IOException provinces = null; Province province = null; //========??

* @param description The eclipse IContent Description of the file.

NOTE: subsequent calls to next() or next Token() may result in exception being thrown.

Returned from get Event Type(), next(), or next Token() when an end tag was read.

You can look at the specs at: Are your files valid gpx at all or is it your own xml format?

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