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, Mizuki Kotori) in the manga and Japanese version, is one of the main supporting characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! She is Yuma Tsukumo's best friend since childhood and always travels with him wherever he goes throughout all his Duels despite the dangers.Due to her unyielding personality, she tends to tease Yuma for his mistakes; despite this, she still cares for him and never leaves his side.However, the "Characters" page for ZEXAL on the 4kids website shows Tori's skirt in its original size.She has also been noted to wear several different outfits when she goes out with Yuma.Links to the IMDb and other sites with reviews or trailers can all be helpful additions.See this article's discussion page and Wikiquote: Templates/TV shows for discussions and examples of formats for television show articles." when he thought she was being taken away and kidnapped on Ebisu Bridge Ya might have already heard this from Kudo-kun, but... In London, apparently Kudo-kun confessed his feelings to Ran-chan.

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Tori is a young girl with green hair and orange eyes. She wears a schoolgirl outfit with a pink collar and skirt.Heiji, in contrast, is played off in the beginning to be oblivious to her romantic interest in him and has gotten confused many times whenever she tries to confess her love to him.This usually frustrates Kazuha and it leads to their "Old Married Couple" arguing that many people point out make them look like a real couple.In her shopping attire, she wears a blue jacket over a white skirt and sandals.In the dub, she has a longer skirt than in the original.When out of school, she mainly wears a white t-shirt with a yellow stripe decal, pink skirt, long black knee length socks and white shoes.

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