Are maddie and lucas dating

What pieces from your fall collection would you like to see Millie wear and how would she style them? You can dress up a flannel, but Millie went more of a casual route.She's just hanging out or she's going to set or something.My favorite part of designing this was knowing that I'd have to be fully involved in it.

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What was the most challenging and surprising part of starting your own clothing line?She wore boyfriend jeans with it and I also have boyfriend jeans in my line, so it was perfect.[My line is] very versatile, you could go either way with it.I would say my friend Millie [Bobby Brown], who's on "Stranger Things." She can rock any style.She is not afraid to wear clothes that some kids would be afraid to wear and she also has kind of the same style as me — kind of tomboyish.Think casual denim and slouchy joggers in soft, stretchy material; sweatshirts and button-downs with fun, dance-inspired back details; and cozy-cool layering pieces, including a rose-gold sleeve and pin-adorned bomber that's right in line with fall's runway trends.

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