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As an active member of AAAS, PSA, EPSA and SPSP she has been working for increased collaboration between history, philosophy and sociology of science and practicing scientists and for making philosophy of science relevant to science education.

She has served on several committees on science education and on socio-scientific issues, including the Danish Committee on Research Misconduct and the National Board of Science Education.

His works now is mainly devoted on relativistic laser plasma interaction and on laser plasma accelerators, in which he makes several breakthrough contributions.

He has published about 350 articles and has been invited in more than 175 international conferences.

He is a laureate of the FNRS Quinquennal Award in applied exact sciences (2011–2015), the highest scientific award of FNRS delivered every five years by the Belgian FNRS and personally awarded by King Philippe of Belgium.

In 2016, he is awarded the excellence research program PEARL (4 millions €) by the National Foundation of Research FNR in Luxembourg.

He published about 500 research papers, including 14 reviews, 15 books or book chapters, respectively, filed more than 20 patents and has given more than 200 invited lectures. His expertise covers organic chemistry; macromolecular chemistry; catalysis in polymer materials; and (reactive) processing of (nano)composites and nanohybrid materials, including biosourced polymers.

He is scientific director of Materia Nova Research Center, Mons, and scientific advisor at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) where, as scientific director in 2016-17, he launched and installed the National Composite Center of Luxembourg (NCC-L).

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Hanne Andersen is Full Professor in philosophy of science and head of the Department of Science Education at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen.His research interests include the social epistemology of science, the philosophy of applied science, the political philosophy of science and philosophy of mathematics. He started his independent research career at the Humboldt-University in the Chemistry Faculty in 1988 when he entered into an Assistant Professor position.His publications include a book on why and in what sense science ought to be free (, Mentis 2004). degree in Chemistry at Humboldt University of Berlin under supervision of Professor D. Since 1993 he is a full University Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Humboldt-University of Berlin.Since 2002, he has coordinated many European projects structuring the laser, plasma and accelerators communities.Victor Malka, fellow of APS and EPS, member of the Romanian Academy of Science, got 2 Advanced and 2 Proof of Concept grants from ERC.He is personally ranked (18) in “Top 100 materials scientists of the 2000-2010 decade” by Thomson Reuters.

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