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For those who still haven’t heard, sexuality is a spectrum.

As it turns out, either that is bullshit or I am actually the luckiest girl ever, because Kevin sticks around, even through agonizingly long dry spells.“I’ve actually had to ask a close friend what sexual attraction feels like, and by their description, I really haven’t ever felt that way.It was a really entertaining conversation,” said Julie Gravelle, a Savannah College of Art and Design junior. Many aces still like sex, but sexual attraction is an orientation — simply the lack of sexual attraction — not a behavioral trait.” It seems like a lot of people don’t understand that sexual orientation is just that, it’s sexual and only applies to that type of attraction.I feel like part of this comes from people being unaware that people experience many different types of attraction from aesthetic to platonic, sensual to physical,” SCAD sophomore Michelle Pinargote explained.Because asexuality is so uncommon, it often flies under the radar of most people who think sexuality is a black and white affair.But he spent so much time asking, "Do you want to do this? You don't have to," over and over again, that it killed my mood and left me rolling off of him in frustration. "I'm never going to think it's the best thing ever, but that doesn't mean it isn't O. After an extended no-sex period, I was starting to feel guilty about how not in the mood I was.

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