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Auction sites tend to be rife with reproductions and inexperienced dealers wrongly attributing the age and make of a vintage bear so are often a case of buyer beware.For example one only has to browse the pages of certain auction sites to see a vast amount of rather dubious bears attributed to Steiff.

A Bat Wing Nose is a distinctive type of stitching that droops down at the sides resembling the wings of a Bat.The traditional understanding of the word Antique is over 100 years old, however, many collectors and dealers classify Teddy Bears dating from around the 1940's and earlier as Antique due to their Traditional methods of Construction.Not to be confused with Antique an ‘Antiqued’ Bear is a Teddy Bear that is given the appearance of greater age than it has.A technique used by makers of Artist Bears and some Traditional Teddy Bear Manufacturers such as Steiff to add facial and other details to a Teddy Bear, achieved by spray painting over the often clipped plush by an Airgun using compressed air.From the Mid-Century Period many famous Teddy Bear Manufacturers recognising the amount of interest in Teddy Bear Collecting started reproducing famous Bears.In the 1940's and 1950's Dolls were often made from Celluloid and sometimes the faces of Vintage Soft Toys were made from Celluloid and attached to a Fabric or Plush body.

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