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The transformation was a thing to behold, and just another reason why Troy was a fan favorite.Troy started his career at quarterback by losing a head to head competition with Justin Zwick to replace Craig Krenzel.

Coca-Cola/Mr Hero set came in uncut multi-player sheets.From an athlete who struggled to find a position on the team to a Heisman winning quarterback, the path Smith took was incredible, and there were many ups and downs along the way.Troy’s transformation from an athlete into a quarterback was almost as drastic as his transformation from an immature college student into one of the best leaders to ever play at Ohio State.Victories at #2 Texas in the beginning of the year and against #2 Michigan in an epic battle for the ages at the end of the year were the crown jewels of Troy’s time in Columbus.Troy had arguably the best year ever for a quarterback at Ohio State in 2006, and ultimately won the Heisman Trophy, capping off a perfect regular season with a bang.Right when Troy looked like he was ready to shine, he was suspended for the bowl game and the first game of the 2005 season for accepting illegal benefits.

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