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The idea of TV being a downgrade from cinema has long since dissipated, and barely a week goes by without the announcement or arrival of a television project from an acclaimed talent or featuring A-list stars. The new world of small screen entertainment means that the traditional TV season is becoming less important, with some of the most popular or acclaimed shows arriving in the once-rerun-heavy summer months.

READ MORE: 15 Filmmakers At The Forefront Of The TV Revolution But it’s still there, in part because of Emmy consideration (TV’s Oscars take place in September, honoring shows on a June-May calendar), and as a result, it’s at this time of year that we look back at our favorite TV shows of the year.

Every year, some clickbait-chasing doofus questions whether TV or film is the superior medium, ignoring that they’re entirely different from each other, good at different things and perfectly able to compliment each other.

But what is undeniable is that in recent years, the quality of what we’re seeing on the small screen has become increasingly more exciting and sophisticated.

But after a very shark-jumping and suspension-of-disbelief breaking season two of “House Of Cards” — where the Vice President actually kills a reporter and then eventually hooks up in a threesome with his wife and lead security detail guard — creator Beau Willimon hired celebrated writer/director Tony Gilroy (“Michael Clayton”) as a consultant on the show.

If it never gets beyond a one-off (a second season is yet to be picked up), it can do so with its head high. “Jane the Virgin” Created by Jennie Snyder Urman, this fresh, funny remake of a Venezuelan telenovela owns its soapy roots — and transcends them.“Jane the Virgin” is entirely aware of how ridiculous its central premise is: Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) is accidentally artificially inseminated when she goes for a pap smear and decides to keep the baby, whose father is a man she kissed five years ago.While “Jane the Virgin” resembles a fantasy in its over-the-top plot twists and the connections between its characters, the emotions are never less than genuine.The rules are simple: they have to have aired a complete season on U. TV (or a streaming service) in the past twelve months, and they have to be a theoretically continuing narrative series (we’ll address some of those that don’t fit in there at the end).As ever, the competition has been stiff for the Best TV Shows Of The 2014/2015 Season, and the debate heated (the great “Bloodline” war of 2015 is still going on in Playlist HQ), although it’s notable that we were universally agreed on our top two picks, and their order.The more typical turns the show takes are easily forgiven thanks to the thematic heft the creators rely on as a way of tapping into sensitive familial bonds, turning out a unique and fascinating thriller in the process. “House Of Cards” It’s dubious reasoning to belief that artists pay too much attention to their critics.

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