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During the April leg of the tour, several dates in the South were canceled following national civil rights leader Martin Luther King's assassination in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968.Ed King said that the band all acquired handguns after King's death for the remaining shows in the South, and that he carried his in his waistband onstage.In 1970 the band appeared in the Russ Meyer cult classic film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.By this time the band's audience had mostly disappeared.The band countered with an injunction against Holmes but the damage was done when the lawsuits caused extreme confusion for promoters who became afraid to book either group.Drummer Marty Katon then came aboard, along with new lead singer/guitarist Jimmy Pitman (formerly of the Nightcrawlers), and the band shifted to a more blues rock style.

Randy Seol (drums, vibes, percussion, vocals) and Mark Weitz (keyboards, vocals) joined to replace the departing Gunnels, Rabe and Luciano just as the name change to Strawberry Alarm Clock (SAC) was occurring.The tune received considerable airplay on local Baltimore radio stations and was even occasionally used as a theme song for the city's image in following decades.Bunnell and Seol left the band in late 1968 at the end of the sessions for The World in a Sea Shell, due to disagreements with the band over their manager Bill Holmes' mishandling of their business affairs.Original bassist Lovetro gradually moved over to the road manager's job, then was eventually bought out of the group after conflicts with the others prior to the release of the second album, Wake Up... The album's single, "Tomorrow", was a minor hit and their only other Top 40 appearance, reaching No. Later 1968 singles included "Sit with the Guru" (charting at No.65) and "Barefoot in Baltimore" (which peaked at No.There were probably 10 songs in all that were recorded but Bunnell stated that both masters were stolen.

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