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Once the eggs have passed into the oviducts they are beyond the point of no return.No absorptive mechanisms have been found in oviducts.In female pythons, these openings look very similar to those of the male, but are shallower inside.Unlike the male, these structures cannot be turned inside out.One of the greatest attractions of herpetoculture for me is that it seems no matter how much experience you gain there is always more to learn and surprises are just around the corner.So, while I cannot claim to know the right way, I do have many years of experience at getting things wrong and so hopefully can help point others in the right direction.If you were able to look inside this pouch you would find three openings at the front of it.The lower one is the intestinal opening which has a horizontal flap of skin above it.

In both males and females, these openings are tightly closed, except when the female is in the process of laying her eggs.

At the rear of the cloaca are two backward facing openings which, unlike the other three openings previously described, have no sphincter muscle to close them.

In male pythons, these openings house the two hemipenes either of which can be everted to mate with the female, depending on which side of the male she is lying.

Certainly, that is how I found the hobby when I started, and judging from the many comments and questions we receive through our Southern Cross Reptiles website, this is the way many find it still.

The first point I would like to make about breeding reptiles is that there is no one right way to do it, just a hell of a lot of wrong ways.

Sperm passes from the testes to the cloaca via a long thin tube called the vas deferens.

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