Bridgit mendler and shane harper dating Free private sec chat online


It's like you're parting with a person when you leave your character, especially when you're working on something for that long."On working with baby Charlie"Mia [Talerico] was the most impressive baby I've ever worked with.It was fun going through all her different stages of babyhood with her."On dating co-star Shane Harper" data-reactid="29"On dating co-star Shane Harper"We knew each other for a while, were friends for a long time," Mendler revealed."But there've been a lot of special guest stars.I loved having my other friends; Samantha Boscarino was on the show.Bridgit and Shane star as a couple (Teddy and Spencer) on the hit Disney Channel show.Of course, this pic of the couple from the Teen Choice Awards that Bridgit tweeted in July was kind of a giveaway, as she wrote: "Me and my date heading back from the teen choice awards :)" Plus, earlier this year, Bridgit appeared in Shane's Rocketship music video.On what she'll miss the most about "Good Luck Charlie"" data-reactid="23"On what she'll miss the most about "Good Luck Charlie""I think I'll really miss the Duncans," the 21-year-old actress said.

"I like when there's interesting combinations of people on the show."" data-reactid="45"Favorite guest star: "I have my natural bias toward my boyfriend," she said with a laugh.Bridgit was asked, "Are you dating anyone right now? his real name is Shane." She explained, "Honestly, it wasn't one of those..." "I am dating," she said, though she seemed to not really want to dish on her personal life. ," she confirmed, "You've seen him before." The interviewer guessed, "Is it Spencer on the show? 'you meet on a set and you wind up dating instantly,' it took like two years." So cute!"And I think it was just one of those things where it kind of gradually turned into more.I think it's great that we knew each other for so long beforehand, so we were really friends."[Related: Disney Channel Introduces Network’s First Gay Couple]" data-reactid="31"On being cautious about dating someone she worked with"I think everybody was very respectful about it and wanted to make sure that it wouldn't be weird to see the relationship going on on the show at the same time.Harper began learning dancing and acting at the age of 9 and was involved in community theater and competitive dance.

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