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A White House official told Daily during a conference call that while Trump wants to remove the 'veil' of secrecy regarding the 1963 killing, he has 'no choice today but to accept those redactions rather than risk irreversible harm' to the country.'There does remain sensitive information in the records,' the official said, often 'related to the identity of individuals involved, in their roles as informants.'The official also said some edits would be made to hide 'activities that were conducted with foreign partner agencies'. Kennedy about a book regarding his alleged affair with Marilyn Monroe.(right) in July 1960, as Kennedy was running for president.The call girl, Sue Young, said she told the agent she didn't know anything about such parties Young told Otash that she had 'no knowledge of such activities' and didn't know any other call girls who 'might have been present' at any such parties.It was then that Kennedy decided "to take drastic action.'The 'drastic action,' according to Capell's book, was that Kennedy 'used "the Communist Conspiracy which is expert in the scientific elimination of its enemies" to dispose of Miss Monroe by making her murder appear to be a suicide.'Achievable, apparently, because Monroe's personal physician, Dr.Hyman Engelberg, 'was a communist.'Although the FBI memos seemed to be highly skeptical about the veracity of Capell's claims, it is clear that Capell — and the book itself — were very much on their radar.Passionate babes in love with getting the dick down their love holes during hot softcore scenes.

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