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) Once you've decided which park you'll be going to, you can find its web page here.

The Angels of the Four Quadrants - how to generate their names according to John Dee Each quadrant of the Great Table is divided into four subquadrants.

The name of the king is located at the intersection of the two bars of the great cross of each quadrant. Thus the name of the king of the eastern table is: Bataiva.Within each quadrant you can find many angelic names.Unfortunately there are some errors in the modern version of generating angelic names out from the quadrants, and some rules were even ignored.Absolutely, but it's a good idea to check out the park's web page before hauling your equipment.(If you bring a canoe to a state park that doesn't have a lake nearby, you'll likely be sorely disappointed!So the four quadrants have these kinds in their merciful and wrathful forms: The east: Bataiva (mercy) and Bataivh (severity) The south: Iczhhca (mercy) and Iczhhcl (severity) The north: Edlprna mercy, as well as severity.

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