Cancer dating leo man


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Leos have a strong sex drive and like to engage in games and role playing. Erogenous zone for Cancer is the chest while Leo's back is most sensitive.I wonder how many people she was seeing besides me I am now dating a Leo woman and she seems so nice and sweet! I dated a Gemini and HE needed to be in the spotlight even more than I did and he drove me nuts. I heard that Leos would think Cancers are too needy........First of all, she also has security issue and we do value loyalty What are other issues that I should be aware of or are we compatible? Roxy: I found that hard to believe that your Cancer man doesn't give you enough attention because I give a lot of attention to her and she loves it! a girl already said yes to be my girlfriend, and we saw each other quit often, I saw her from sunday till wed and she was sick yesterday and we are seeing again tonight She only called me once.......being a crab, am I too clingy if I wanted her to call me more? I'm not a chart analyst, so I'm speaking-typing from experience.To attract a Leo give compliments and make them laugh. People will always be attracted to this star sign's magnetic aura, but whoever caters to Leo will be the love match.Loving social activities and lots of fun and in the spotlight, Leo eventually wants a permanent relationship with the right lover. I'm kind of dating a Cancer right now and the biggest issue is that he doesn't give me enough attention. BUT, they'd try to make you jealous so they could see if you really do care about them, which would make your Cancer sensitivity push them away I'm thinking.

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