Carlos slim dating


In August, President William Clinton, Carlos Slim Announce New Investment Projects in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru for more than Million dollars.

Performs a financial investment acquiring equity partnerships of 6.4% in The New York Times Company.

The company also diversifies with the airline Volaris and operations in mining and real estate, among others. This Foundation has already donated 100 million dollars, added to the 100 million dollars provided by the Canadian businessman, Frank Guistra, will support Bill Clinton’s initiative, as well as his foundation in order to fight the poorness in Latin America.

C., the creation of a legal framework for organ donation, and writing a series of handbooks entitled “América Telecom, the holding company for América Móvil, is established and acquires an equity stake in the cellular telephone companies ATL and Telecom Americas, in Brazil; Telgua in Guatemala; Conecel in Ecuador; and Techtel in Argentina.

Grupo Sanborn´s acquired the license of the retailers chain Saks Incorporated and on November 28th the famous store Saks Fifht Avenue opened in Santa Fe, a Shopping Center in Mexico City.

The Assembly of Shareholders of TELMEX approved the initiative of cleavage of its operations in Latin America, as well as the business of Seccion Amarilla (Yellow Pages) to form a new company called TELMEX International On June 10th, 2008 began the listing of TELMEX International Exchanges in New York, Madrid and Mexico .

Buys AT&T Latin America with operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, and creates Telmex Latinoamérica.

Subsequently the company acquires Chilesat, Techtel, Metrored and Embratel.

By acquiring Jarritos del Sur and incorporating Inmobiliaria Carso, he begins to establish the basis of what later becomes Grupo Carso, whose name combines the first syllables of Carlos and Soumaya. A., Hulera El Centenario Firestone, 40% of British American Tobacco, and 33% of Anderson Clayton.

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