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The system works by examining every message that is sent when it passes through We Chat’s servers.The list of filtered keywords is also reactive, and changes in relation to the news; and only to We Chat accounts using mobile phone numbers registered in the Chinese mainland.Messenger first dipped its toes into the world of visual communication with the addition of Stickers in 2013.At the time, the company was actually reluctant to build the feature, according to a source familiar with the development process. But they only appeared on the blank white background of your messaging threads.

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An interesting quirk of We Chat censorship discovered by Citizen Lab is that it’s stricter when it comes to group discussions.Everyone knows that China has some of the most sophisticated censorship tools in the world, but the details of how they actually work — what they censor and when — are often not fully understood.A new report by Citizen Lab, a research group studying the web, human rights, and global security, sheds some light on one particularly fruitful target for Chinese censorship: mobile messaging.Messenger even has its own Stories feature called Messenger Day, which, while currently only available in a few countries, is slated to roll out wider soon, including in the U. [Update: Messenger Day is now rolling out worldwide.For how it works, check out our story here] Messenger Day and that “camera as keyboard” quote should be very familiar.So nine months ago, his team embarked on an ambitious project to redefine the billion-user chat app as a way to share images, not just words.

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