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More than anything else, the program allows the candy manufacturer to streamline its transportation needs.

"Load consolidation saves money in two direct ways: it improves TL utilization, resulting in lower costs per shipment; and it converts LTL shipments into less-expensive TL shipments," says Alan Sargent, supply chain/logistics manager for Just Born.

"We were not sure if we would benefit," recalls David Bell, president of C—M Foods.Just Born is among a handful of companies, including Topps and De Met's Candy Company, that participate in the Candy Kane Consolidation program offered by Scranton, Pa.-based third-party logistics provider Kane Is Able.With the 3PL's oversight, confectioners partner to transport consolidated product in a climate-controlled environment to major retailers, food wholesalers, and consumers around the United States. It became trendy in the 1970s when the LTL market was regulated, non-competitive, and therefore expensive, says Chris Kane, vice president of sales and marketing for Kane Is Able.Today, retailers and wholesalers are turning back the clock and turning to each other to more efficiently allocate and manage resources.Kane sees collaborative warehousing as the wave of the future as shippers and consignees look to reduce inventories.Concerns about predictability and cycle time consistency also arise.

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