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A trimmed fillet with perfect grill marks looks pretty when set atop stewed tomatoes rather than cooked with them, but it doesn't taste half as good as a whole fish that's smothered in the same and roasted in foil.Even so, the choice might be forgivable if the sauce had some oomph and did more than merely name-check its inspiration.But the rice is dense and sticky, on one occasion resembling the texture of fruit leather, and it kneecaps an entire section of the menu. The deviled crab dip () earns its signature status.It boasts a light and smooth creaminess that achieves its formidable heat — huzzah! Salt and pepper crispy calamari () are deftly done (and one of my "dishes to retire" — the irony is not lost on me), and the salty-sour fish sauce dip is a delightful change of pace.The seafood itself is generally of excellent quality, and shines best when served simply atop a bed of ice.Oysters are expertly shucked, without a hint of grit and swimming in liquor. the loathsome ping from a coworker telling them that $#! But what separates good services from great services is the ability to recover swiftly with minimal effect on users. All teams that build and run software should have a process for dealing with incident management – it’s part of the job.

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The blend works well and I see no need to apologize for it, though the far-less expensive Jonah crab is omitted from the dish's description.With runaway successes like La Grande Orange and Chelsea's Kitchen, Bob Lynn's restaurant group makes the work of attracting diners to his Arcadia eateries seem effortless. Though anyone could be plausibly cast as David next to Sam Fox's Goliath, Lynn brings more than a sling and a rock to the fight, having built his business on a carefully balanced formula of stylish build-outs, tight service and crowd-pleasing menus. Stars: 2.5 (out of 5) based on food, service and ambience. An understated and gorgeous pass — little more than an oblong wooden table — leaves the kitchen fully and unashamedly exposed to the dining room, floor to ceiling.With this new venture, Lynn has fixed his gaze on Camelback Road and 44th Street, ground zero for a restaurateur's arms race where The Henry, Steak 44 and now Buck & Rider vie for dining dollars with sleek compounds that sell the scene as aggressively as the cuisine. Mondays through Thursdays, 11 a.m.-midnight Fridays and Saturdays, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Meanwhile, a spacious patio overlooks Camelback Mountain and a circle drive that's one red carpet shy of a Hollywood premiere.Dropping eight dishes on a table of four within a 90-second window is an impressive feat of logistics and timing.Why the staff thinks anyone would want to eat that way is a mystery.Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the best options is one of the simplest: the day's pan-fried white fish (), beautifully browned and plated with a touch of beurre blanc and broccolini.

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