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This secret ingredient will be the ‘starter’ to begin a final fermentation process and is unique to this tea.

Steam is again used to soften and moisturize the tea leaves before they are then packed and pressed into metal molds to produce uniform bricks of PHatea®.

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The entire process starts with a special quality camellia sinensis, the hardy, large tea leaves from the Hunan Province which are freshly cut and collected.

In the modeling box the tea is allowed to cool over some 80 minutes and then removed from the casing to have excess material removed from the edges, producing a final uniform brick.

The bricks are then moved to shelving in special rooms where the temperature and humidity are controlled by another Tea Master.

This fungus reacts with the other microorganisms found only in the Hunan tea leaves, increasing the levels of tea polysaccharides and polyphenols (theaflavins and thearubigins) known to have significant health benefits.

The Golden Flower is actually visible in the PHatea® brick.

The wet, hot tea is then put through another “piling” process to allow the remaining microorganisms to begin the second natural fermentation.

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