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Thank you for showing me what is truly going on with my spine and having the ability and knowledge to help me get well. Until recently, I rarely felt the need to seek help for medical problems. I tried several doctors to fix my problem and no one could seem to figure out what the problem was. Ingham and I will continue to do so for my maintenance care. When I started my treatment, after the first “crack” I noticed that my neck felt very loose. I literally had to walk hunched over in a lot of pain.

Also, thank you for helping me understand what’s needed to get better. Providing care that is specific to me and listening to me and trying to understand what I need to be pain free. Now that I am on the “patient” side of healthcare, I have the utmost appreciation for healthcare providers, who offer patients sensitivity and empathy as well as the clinical knowledge and skills. I had not even known about the tension and tightness I had been carrying around for so long. With every treatment I felt like I achieved a whole new level!

It is important to keep a copy of the letter, the original certified mail receipt, and the original return receipt (even if not signed for by the patient) in the patient’s records.

The written notice should include: This article is intended to be informational only, and does not constitute legal advice regarding any specific matter or situation.

Stated differently, the relation of physician and patient, once initiated, continues until it is ended by the consent of the parties or is revoked by the dismissal of the physician, or until the latter’s services are no longer needed or he withdraws from the case.

Thus, the physician has a definite right to withdraw from the case provided he gives the patient reasonable notice so as to enable him to secure other medical attendance.

A critical part of this documentation is the written notice to the patient that he or she must find a new chiropractor.

This written notice should be mailed to the patient by regular and certified mail, return receipt requested.

She started her treatments (DRX 9000) and continued with her prescribed treatments.

[Anno: Liability of physician who abandons case, 57 A. R.2d 432, 437.]” Courts across the country have held that proper notice means that the termination of the doctor-patient relationship must be communicated to the patient and must give the patient enough time to obtain another provider of the patient’s choosing.

The amount of time that must be given varies, based on the patient’s individual circumstances and the level of care required.

My daughter is a member of the Lincoln Park Rowers and is one of the top rowers on the team. We recommend you and your treatments to anyone with back pain! Ingham has been taking care of me for the past ten months. I Now understand the importance of maintenance care and will continue to see you for regular scheduled adjustments. Ingham: I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate very much all that you did to return me to good health.

After going over my reason for coming in with the doctors, they took x-rays, discussed with me my options, and then laid out a weekly plan to help me get better. Kim is pain free and is so grateful to all the people at Advanced Spine & Sports Care!

I am very impressed with the services that I received from Dr. I feel so much better, and no longer dread that a headache is just around the corner.

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