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It serves as the Area Vo-Tech School for five district high schools and has one of the largest Upward Bound programs in the nation (preparing high school students for college).

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THE PURSUIT OF LEARNING: in exploring and putting into practice the best that is known about how people learn and develop as human beings.

Board of Trustees Andy Wood, President, Neosho Vickie Barnes, Treasurer, Neosho Rick Butler, Vice President, Neosho Diane Andris, Neosho Al Chapman, Ph.

D., Secretary, Anderson Larry Vancuren, Southwest City Organization Chart Executive Officers Dr.

Jennifer Methvin, President Amy Rand, Vice President of Finance Dr.

Cloyd tasked Drury's committee with developing a program for the campus that would eradicate hazing and could potentially serve as a national model for other colleges and universities across the country.

In the ensuing years Crowder has added buildings and programs, and now enrolls over 5,500 college credit students and serves several thousand others annually in industrial training, family literacy programs, and continuing education.

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