Computer zes after updating nvidia driver

I marked it as solved because my issue was solved, lol I did a million things to try and fix this and nothing worked except downgrading my drivers to 344.65 Now it works perfectly.

Sorry if that doesn't help your issue but It did help mine. I played for 20 hours and it was perfect, then I crashed on the map.

 Improves PC performance – the app scans for outdated drivers and update them, increasing the speed of the ...

The only change during gameplay, is that now PC crashes (without showing any error/errors) after ~20 minutes instead of ~7 !!!!as a USB modem or a printer, the driver that comes with it is already outdated, since ...while it is most of the time the driver that causes the issues and resolving the problem ...( Before you rush to install steam in hope to fix the crash , I will save you the time here , it does not and will not ) What's next ?Maybe brush your teeth 5 times in a row right on 12 : 12 am will also fix the crashes You are not helping , you are confusing those that just came here to look for help .And during those minutes is totally unplayable,( freezes after a while (sound is enabled but suck in a loop and mouse cursor is working as it should)).

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