Consolidating private student loans through government


Some easy ways to find extra money include: This student loan prepayment calculator can help show you how extra payments, no matter what size, can save you money over the term of your loans.Enter your payment amounts to find out how much applying a few extra dollars each month can save you.This income-based repayment calculator, or IBR calculator, will help you determine how much your monthly payment will be under an IBR plan and how long it will take you to have your loans forgiven.If you cannot afford your payments, make sure you consider all of your options so you can stay out of default.Use this student loan prepayment calculator to ​determine how much you will save by repaying your student loans early. Use this student loan refinancing calculator to determine how much money you can save through refinancing.And, calculate your new monthly payment after refinancing.If you click on the calculator name, you will jump down the page to that specific calculator.If you ever have an idea for a useful student loan calculator, please let us know!

You can also use this as a student loan repayment calculator to see how long you will be paying your student loans for. How does this student loan prepayment calculator work?

Did you know that you can write student loan interest off your income when you file your taxes?

We created this student loan interest deduction calculator to help you determine the amount of your interest deduction this year.

However, you can achieve financial freedom by proactively prepaying your loans ahead of schedule.

Even small extra payments can save you significantly over the length of your loan in interest payments.

If you cannot afford your current payments, refinancing can extend the repayment term, making the payments more manageable on your budget.

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