Cooley dating mcdonald miriam ryan


who inexplicably wears ugly ACID WASH mom jeans from 1982 .

And then, when Drew tries to say the two just kissed, Bianca CORRECTS him, alluding to the fact that SHE kissed Drew .

Smart, sensitive, slightly emo lovebirds, Eli and Clare, have TRULY been the REAL lovestory of this season.

who offers her bucks (Is that play money, or does Canadian cash actually look like that? Fortunately, Dumb Jock with the Heart of Gold, but NO Self Control, Drew comes to her rescue! If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. Scroll down and check out his slim body, short and/or medium light brown hairstyles & haircuts. And if you HAVE been following the show, you know that it’s season finale, entitled “All Falls Down,” aired tonight. She’s massively uptight, and her last boyfriend dumped her for a prettier, but much less intelligent, blonde.), and tentatively moved toward a surprisingly sexy romantic relationship. Eli and Fitz have been sparring for most of the season — with Eli using his wits to get the better of Dumb Bunny Fitz, and Fitz responding by repeatedly kneeing Poor Eli in the nuts. Infuriated and still smelling like vomit, Fitz goes to his locker, and gets a knife . Episode after episode, we have rooted for them, as they overcame eachother’s respective baggage (He sort of / kind of had a role in his ex-girlfriend’s death. riiiiiight, because the IDEAL way to stop your boyfriend from hating his nemesis, is to DATE that nemesis. He wants Clare to put some Ipecac in Fitz’s drink to make him puke. So, at Vegas Night, Eli spikes Fitz’s drink with the “puke juice” himself, and tricks Clare into getting Fitz to drink it. as opposed to the 35- and 40-year olds who typically starred in teen television dramas at that time. Rape; Self-mutilation; Mental illness; Addiction to Prescription Pain Medication; School Shootings; and Zombies.

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