Cosmo guide to dating

If you've been waiting for updates on my WIPs, I can only apologize and say I'll add to them as soon as the words will come.

The moment he set foot back on Atlantis, Rodney was greeted with a serious malfunction in the environmental controls, a minor repair to the shields, several discrepancies in power usage, and a vast array of insignificant complaints from the scientists who worked under him.

“I suppose I could request a bigger one, but I’m not really here that much.

Summary: Despite being accompanied to the Pegasus Galaxy by a ridiculously hot one-eyed man, Rodney had been home for nearly two weeks without getting laid.

Sequel to Chances Are Author's Note: This is the first crossover-y thing I've managed to write in AGES, and I'm hoping it's a sign that my writer's block is breaking down.

“You can see where this would be a problem for me.”Rather than jumping into helpful dating advice, Sheppard was staring at Rodney like he’d turned purple and started singing opera. Sheppard was still staring at him and Rodney stomach sank in a way that had nothing to do with tortillas made from thantral grain instead of corn. The BDUs were strictly for missions, and he didn’t want to wear one of his uniforms. Finally, Rodney had grabbed a pair of jeans and a button up shirt with a blue plaid pattern.

(Which had only happened once, and it was all Radek’s fault for not documenting the Ancient technology more clearly.) Rodney paused, half eaten taco in hand. “Tell me you don’t have some homophobic issue with me sleeping with guys,” Rodney said, his mouth still full. Although when Sheppard had stopped her for fashion advice on their way out of the mess, Teyla had said the blue of his uniform brought out his eyes. It had only taken him a moment to get dressed, and then he was ready. He wandered aimlessly around his quarters, picking up random objects and putting them back down, smoothing his hair over and over again, straightening and re-straightening the pillows on his bed. ” Rodney debated it for a moment, but he figured the momentary pleasure of shutting the door in her face would lead to the long term frustration of never having sex with Xander again.

“It’s certainly not the worst adaptation out there, but I never really bought him as Batman.

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