Creepy internet dating meme

Twitter user James Coston took to the social media site seeking tales of dates gone awry - and the responses are nothing short of entertaining.

We've got jokes for days about Tinder, but there's something super satisfying about this simple and versatile meme format.

The focus of this website, though, is scary stories and terrifying legends to be shared with fellow Internet users.

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It’s hardly any surprise that Gordon Gekko and Patrick Bateman were each conceived within roughly five years of each other.

The possibilities are endless - who do you think should be immortalized as a memeable match?

emes can be a lot of fun, from images of grump cat to Rick Roll-ing your friends with videos of “Never Gonna Give You Up.” These cultural phenomena spread from person to person much like chain letters of the past and other viral content.

Bad dates are really a fact of life, especially in the age of online dating and apps like Tinder and Bumble.

While they're often excruciating to experience, there's something sadistically funny about the horror stories.

The most successful was a pair of pictures of children with a slim and unnaturally tall man in the shadows behind them.

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