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She looked at me with a wide smile and said: "Oh Dios mio! Thank you so much for picking me up, it's so late, you should have stayed home! Her breasts were larger than the last time I saw her: they were firm, beautiful and big for a girl her age. I took away my T-Shirt, and put on my shorts, as she went to the bathroom to change-up into her pyjamas.

Her long dark brown hair flowed to her back, her red thick lips were asking me to kiss them, and her feminine silhouette was making her so perfect. When she came back, I was already laying down on the couch, she came to me, and said: "I'm so happy to see you again Wil'. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be.

Her plane was supposed to be here by 11pm, but she landed 3 hours later.

There has been a lot of people waiting, most of them were old parents or mid-aged men expecting their lovers.

But luckily, my grand parents told me to move in with them until I raise enough money to rent an apartment or even buy one.

They were always so nice to me, I always helped them when they needed me and took care of them.

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She took my hands off as she looked at me and asked me what I was doing. I took her shirt off, and started massing her tits.She left her stuff behind and ran to me, she jumped into my hands giving me a big hug. It must have been around 4am, so everybody home was asleep.We stood there for almost a minute hugging, I can swear that people around us thought that we were a couple. I couldn't just stay home and wait until you get home! I took a moment looking at her body, she had become a beautiful woman. There was only one room that my grand parents used as a bedroom in the whole apartment, and a bed in the living room that I used to sleep on, but instead, I let her sleep in the bed, and I used one of the couches to sleep on.I didn't reply, the door was closed, and there was a lot of noises coming from the streets. She said with a terrified voice: "William, what are you doing?! I sucked her left nipple as she started pushing soft gentle moaning.I revealed my fully erect cock, she looked at it, and closed her eyes out of fear, or maybe shock. "Trust me, it won't be that painful." She bent over, crouched on her hands and knees, her face to the wall, giving me her ass.She came in, took her sun glasses off and said: "How do I look? I usually don't eat lunch, but I took an energetic drink, and some chips, as for her, she took an energetic drink too and some protein chocolate bars. Even though I came, I still felt horny, my balls were still full and I needed to empty them. A moment after we were done, Angelina got a phone call, so she head to the guest room, it had no beds or anything, it was just like a room to put old stuff that aren't useful.

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