Cupid dating show

It's very cute and has it's own wonderful little quirks.Every week I feel like I'm sitting down to a mini-romantic comedy from the comfort of my own home.The Love Doctor, Dr Gareth Smith, provided advice and guidance to the participants and analysis on the participants' behaviour and strategies. Trevor Hale is attractive, witty, uncommonly intelligent - and he may be Cupid, the Greco-Roman god of erotic love. Jack's alter ego is the Zorro-esque Daring Dragoon. All in all it didn't seem overly appealing, but a night with nothing else on and I gave in.A quarter of users who say they're "looking for love" also that having similar politics is more important than physical chemistry.

Here are just a few tidbits: Ok Cupid found that 50 percent of its users won't date someone with opposing political views, a number that keeps going up since 2008.It was much better than the incredibly annoying Big Brother which has lasted nine years.All that show did was put annoying and irritating people in the same house and told them to get along. But you might want to look closer at potential dates' profiles the next time you log on, because a new study shows that simple stuff like TV preferences can speak volumes about a person's values.Dating site Ok Cupid analyzed the words on 190,000 user profiles and lined them up with their political leanings and answers to dating survey questions.In June 2016, the website was totally redesigned and rebranded.

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