Cute nicknames for boyfriends dating


Easy to pull off, low risk, highly effective if enunciated with an affectionate grin. ‘Baby Cakes’ was a song by British garage trio ‘3 of a Kind’ which charted at number 1 (yes, actual number 1; this was the most popular song across the entire United Kingdom, the land of Emmeline Pankhurst and John Keats) in 2004. Not for everyone by a long stretch, and if you disagree passionately then, by all means, vent your fury in the comment section.

For maximum impact, use immediately after your partner has done something unintentionally lovely, such as catching a moth and setting it free outside. If you are a die-hard ‘3 of a Kind’ fan, then by all means, commandeer ‘Baby Cakes’ for your loved one. However, based on absolutely no empirical evidence whatsoever, we’re going to say that partners who breezily toss the term ‘dude’ back and forth once in a while have far more fun and far fewer arguments about electricity bills (they're too busy watching The Big Lebowski).

The perfect name to call your partner as you draw matching revolvers and attempt to rob a downtown diner, only to be foiled by a scripture-quoting Samuel L. For those of you who can tell a Tyrion from a Targaryen (these are Game of Thrones references, for those of you who have yet to be indoctrinated), you will know the reverence, power and sheer badassery that this name conveys.

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In reality, the best and most meaningful nicknames for loved ones aren’t plucked arbitrarily from a list on the internet, but are reminders of the close bond the pair of you share; an in-joke that only the two of you understand.

So here’s a list of 101 of the most common fun, romantic pet names that you can use to flirt with your lover during those private times.

Just choose carefully, and keep in mind that I say “private times” for a reason; bust out some of these sappy nicknames at the wrong time in public and you just might end up getting cold water tossed on you!

Empower her, admire her, support her, and indulge your inner dweeb all at the same time with this nerd-tastic moniker.

Best to only use it in private though, lest your non-fantasy-show-liking friends overhear and you are forever more heckled as ‘elf boy’.

These names stuck around for months, even years – to the point where hearing “Elizabeth” or “Liz” in certain contexts would suggest a truly serious situation, or that I was in trouble.

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