Cyber chat no sign in Threesomes sex chats


On it, a distinctive yellow sunflower-like shape with some numbers superimposed onto it, the only one still clear enough to be legible was a “2”.

Investigators discovered that the sign was a road sign unique to the State of Kansas—where the sunflower is the state flower.

There, they found the girl—still wearing the same pajamas.

Standing at the foot of the sign and holding up the photo in question, there could be no question that this was it.Mercifully, finally, they had a fix on the girl’s location—hopefully, it wasn’t already too late.That same morning, ICE HSI agents in conjunction with local law enforcement organized a raid of the house whose backyard contained the pool.This could be any family photo that one might see on Facebook, Instagram, or another such site, were it not accompanied by a caption polling viewers to submit their suggestions on how to best rape her—and get away with it.The photo, along with a cache of others with same girl accompanied by an unknown older male, were posted to a chat board known to be frequented by pedophiles in November 2011.Even with the sophisticated imaging technology available at HSI’s Cyber Crimes Center, agents could not clear up the other numbers.

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