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In the context of the European Union, the Czech Republic falls amongst the countries with the highest proportions of divorced people in the adult population, with higher shares recorded only in Latvia and Estonia (a total of 7.4 % of EU citizens were divorced on the Census day).There was a significant decrease in the share of married people in the population of the Czech Republic between the 2001 and the 2011 Censuses – from 60.1 % to 52.8 %; in contrast the proportion of single persons grew from 19.0 % to 25.0 %.Women enter into marriage on average three years earlier than men.In the Czech Republic, marriages have always been very unequally seasonally (by month of occurrence) distributed.The divorce rate as a general trend stopped increasing and stabilised at 45-50 % of marriages terminating in divorce.The total fertility rate reached its minimum value (slightly above 1.1) at the turn of the 21st century, but it partly reflected a significant shift of motherhood to a later age.The share of divorced inhabitants increased from 10.3 % to 12.8 % and the proportion of widowed people slightly decreased from 9.9 % to 9.1 %.

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The share of children born outside marriage has continually increased and is approaching 50 percent.Articles from the participating Member States are available in the corresponding national languages as well as in English and they form, together with the Eurostat article, an online publication.After sharp changes, which began in the early 1990s, the demographic pattern of the Czech Republic is now stabilising.Men aged 20 and over were more often single (30.2 %) than women (20.0 %), which was true for all five-year age groups.The most distinct differences were in the age group 20 to 39.The decrease in the number of marriages resulted from a decline in size of the population of marriageable age as well as from a decrease in the intensity of nuptiality.

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