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I’ve a favourite episode and have selected my preferred position on the bridge (Security and Tactical), but I wouldn’t touch a pair of pointy ears with a ten-foot bat’leth, and perhaps most egregiously in the world of fans’ hatred of Berman, Piller and Taylor’s iteration of the franchise, it’s manifested in You Tube channels dedicated to Voyager’s idiocy and a canonically and legally accurate series of features called ‘The Court Martial of Captain Kathryn Janeway’.

presented a socialist utopia in which humanity had evolved beyond differences of gender, race and even species to work for the advancement of the whole. Doing it by having the Captain protect a species with a lifespan shorter than my dog (oh the Ocampa)? Integrating Maquis freedom fighters into a Starfleet crew? Making them completely identical to the rest of the crew? Worse still, the show held the principles of the Federation - and by extension Rodenberry - as some kind of religious dogma, unwavering and immutable.

Seven of Nine: [when struggling with the task of small talk] Perhaps there's something to be said for assimilation after all. Harry Kim: I didn't know you *had* any interests. Seven of Nine: Doctor, I am familiar with the physiological processes of sexuality.

Seven of Nine: I've narrowed the list to two crewmen, based on work performance and compatible interests. [the Doctor is showing Seven a slide presentation about mating] The Doctor: Here we see how Fortress Ovum is besieged by countless little warriors... Arturis: You're much more attractive than the average drone. Kathryn Janeway: [referring to Arturis] Have you encountered his people before? During the final round, after you dropped your phaser, you did not even look at the disk, and yet you were able to acquire the target. At some level, conscious or otherwise, I was aware of several factors: the trajectory of the disk after I hit the wall, the sound it made on its return, and the shadow it cast on the hologrid.

Seven of Nine: Remove your hand or I will remove your arm! Seven of Nine: [after losing a match of velocity to Janeway] You are a frustrating opponent. Seven of Nine: Intuition is a human fallacy, the belief that you can predict random events. Kathryn Janeway: Oh, belief had nothing to do with it.

The Borg has never been able to assimilate them - not yet. [the crew have checked out the "USS Dauntless" as suitable to get them home] Harry Kim: So, what're we waiting for? [on Arturis's ship, the Captain and Seven are held behind a force field] Capt. But it was never out of anger, or regret that I brought you on board. I was fortunate, I escaped with a vessel, alone, but alive. They were just drones, acting with their collective instinct. Unless, of course, you're looking forward to rejoining the Collective. Seven of Nine: I am attempting to design another method of traveling at slipstream velocities without damaging Voyager.

The Doctor/Seven of Nine: [sniffing the air] I knew Seven's senses were more acute than the average humanoid, but... The Doctor/Seven of Nine: [sniffing at Kim] It's you! It's just, I've never met a woman like you before. The Doctor/Seven of Nine: Ranek summoned me to the bridge under the pretext of a little stargazing. Seven of Nine: You "improvised" your way through an entire cheesecake, as well as three servings of Ktarian chocolate puffs. The Doctor: These last few days have been a revelation. Seven of Nine: Captain Ranek and I shared a meal aboard the Flyer. Captain Kathryn Janeway: Have you ever considered trying it yourself? Seven of Nine: I do not require a romantic relationship.

Tuvok: You're worried you won't have the strength to accomplish the task on your own? Hirogen Hunter: With the proper training, you could become a champion. [the Hirogen has completed Seven's training] Hirogen Hunter: When your opponent enters the arena, what do you see? Seven of Nine: I must warn you: I possess superior strength. Seven of Nine: We can still find another way out of this. [Seven and the Hirogen Hunter are being treated in sickbay after being rescued from Penk's ship] Seven of Nine: Would you excuse us? [the Hirogen smiles, knowingly] Hirogen Hunter: Fortunately, you were right. [last lines] Seven of Nine: I've spent the last three years struggling to regain my humanity.

Seven of Nine: [from her daily log] If we do return to sector 001, will I adapt to Human civilization - a single Borg among billions of individuals? Starfleet Command will no doubt hold you responsible for a multitude of crimes. B' Elanna Torres: Well, that's looking on the bright side. However, if we are assimilated, our thoughts will become one, and I'm sure I will understand perfectly. My desire to remain in the Delta Quadrant was based on fear. Did it ever occur to you that there were those of us in the Delta Quadrant with a vested interest in that war? But in recent years, the Borg began to weaken our defenses, they were closing in, and Species 8472 was our last hope to defeat them. The outer colonies were the first to fall, 23 in a matter of hours. Kathryn Janeway: Sometimes you've got to look back in order to move forward. Seven of Nine: [Janeway has beaten Seven at Velocity, who's not happy] I have superior coordination and stamina. Captain Janeway: You've come a long way from that drone who stepped out of a Borg alcove nine months ago. Seven of Nine: Then you must also recognize that I do not share your values.

Seven of Nine: My ' Borg spirit' gives me an objectivity you lack. And in return, you helped them defeat one of their enemies. Arturis: In your colorful language, yes, Species 8472. Kathryn Janeway: There wasn't exactly time to take a poll. Arturis: My people managed to elude the Borg for centuries - outwitting them, always one step ahead. Hirogen Hunter: Do you know the difference between a survivor and a champion here? [the Hirogen fighter has overpowered Seven in a sparring fight] Seven of Nine: That was not one of the 33 sanctioned maneuvers. But if you should need anything - an analgesic, a phaser rifle - don't hesitate to ask. Tuvok: You're experiencing difficult emotions.

None of this makes for a great endorsement of the show, though if that’s what you’re looking for I’d strongly recommend seasons three through six when the Doctor began to take a much more prominent role, Seven of Nine was introduced and the Borg became a more common threat.

The Doctor: When I look at this, I don't see a mere cell. The Doctor/Seven of Nine: That's a standard food replicator. The Doctor/Seven of Nine: Never play 'hard to get' with a hologram. Until I spent a day in your skin, I never knew what I was missing. Harry Kim: You had a dinner date in Seven's body? It was a tactical maneuver designed to win the trust of our captors... B' Elanna Torres: [reading Seven's study of her and Tom from a PADD] ' Stardate 52647, 1400 hours: Subjects quarrel in corridor outside female's quarters.

The man’s comedic flair can carry a scene even in an empty room. Those on have always represented the best of the best, symbols of how highly evolved twenty-fourth century humans were.

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