Dating a man with children advice

I simply stopped any communication with this child, i would help her whenever she needed the help, especially when her father wouldn't be home or would be busy, i didn't want to be frustrated or angry anymore, i didn't want anything, my boyfriend said that i had my reason of doing so but that he couldn't be seriously engaged with the women who can't forgive a child, he said that he doesn't want to create a new family with me, that he already has "his pot" and i can either become the part of this pot and add to it whatever i wanted or just leave him.I loved him so much, more than myself, i loved his little boy who became very close for me, but i couldn't just break through that girl's animosity, i never blamed her, she couldn't control but this animosity never faded, although i did nothing bad towards her and i always felt responsible for her when her dad was away and i tried really hard to keep our relation with J.

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I guarantee by supporting your man, he will not only appreciate you, but he will feel that you are really part of his "family," and this is where you truly wan to be.

Hope you really do a best choose because sometimes we loose so many things for a second of happiness or we wanna feel something that is not real. I went through your profile and i read it and took interest in it,if you don't mind i will like you to write me on this ID☹️ When i was 23 i started dating a man with two kids, he seemed being very serious about me in the first two months and then he just put me aside and the center of our relationship became his children, it was a nightmare because i fall in love him, in fact he was the first one i ever loved so much and therefore I thought I could handle everything.

His daughter unfortunately lost her mother just a year ago, so she didn't only thought of me as a rival to her daddy but also to her dead mommy, poor child, i saw her torments, she was asking about intimate details of our relationship which i refused to tell because i knew it will hurt her a lot (i said it wasn't a custom in my family to talk about adult affairs), she couldn't act out because of the strict father, so when we were alone she would just start behaving erratically, i pitied her, i couldn't tell on her to her father at first, then i asked him to talk with her about the place i had in his life, she continued doing it in every subtle way so she won't be caught, my last drop was when she invited her girlfriend and they were laughing behind my back but i didn't tell anything to J., because i always tried to see it her way, she lost her mom and i also felt the pain and shame of me physically replacing her mom in her dad's life, but then, after her friend went away, she asked her father to stop us kissing in our house in the presence of others, and i just shut off at this point.

I have many times wondered why I even stick around and take this from a relationship I'm so unhappy with but the truth of the matter is, what's between him and me is unbelievable.

Without all the frustrations and tension caused by his other world, what we have would flourish and be absolutely beautiful.

I love this man but being forced to deal with his children frustrates me and watching how he fawns over them angers me because those children are not mine.

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