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And to make matters even worse, the traffic figures for Ezine Articles are truly appalling now after algorithm updates by Google such as Panda and Penguin.Below you will discover why this is completely wrong, misguided and harmful to your efforts to make money online The ludicrous strategy of submitting articles to Ezine espoused by Alexa Smith involves submitting articles to Ezine Articles and hoping that other webmasters will pick up your content and publish it on their sites.

One of the principal reasons whey Google has devalued so heavily article directory sites like Ezine, Articles, Go is because they don’t provide a good user experience for visitors.John Mu is a Google employee, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google Switzerland, and moderator of one of the forums at Google Webmaster Central.In this thread on the Google Groups Webmaster Forum for the first time, Mu confirms to a questioner that one of the causes of her website domain being penalized is the presence of backlinks from sites like Ezine Warrior Forum members like Alexa Smith, Paul Uhl, Annie Pot, and others continue to argue, despite all of the available data, that submitting articles to Ezine is a good strategy.They claim that your articles will be picked up by other webmasters to republish on their websites leading to increasing traffic, back links, and further opportunities to have your content syndicated. Very, very few self-respecting webmasters with websites or blogs worth a lick are taking content from Ezine Even for people like Alexa Smith, who writes under the name of Yuliya Miranova, and Anne Pottinger, who are huge proponents and supporters the figures are truly abysmal.

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