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In 1984 D'Orlan entered into a partnership with the famous French designer firm of Nina Ricci and I believe those items are marked D'Orlan Paris." From the D'Orlan website: "All of D'Orlan's gold plating is triple plated 22kt. The silver look of D'Orlan comes from rhodium plating which is an extremely hard metal, and thus all of the items D'orlan produces are designed to last for many years." I believe that Creed Canada acquired the company in 2006. Emmons Jewelers Inc - Founded in 1949 by Charles H. Many pre-war pieces are not marked, and it can take an expert to determine a true Haskell piece.She became ill in 1952 and the business has since that time changed hands numerous times.Costume jewelry added in 1931 and continues to the present. Coro - Business started in 1901 by Emanuel Cohen and Gerald Rosenberg, and ended in the U. ), some of the most collectible being Coro Duette (1931), Coro Craft (1937), Coro Craft (post 1942), and Vendome (1944-1979).Ciner jewelry is known for being well-crafted and for using high-quality materials. The company is well-known for producing figural "jelly belly" pins.

To see jewelry made by Theresa, click here Boucher, Marcel - 1937 to 1979 (Canadian, pronounced Boo-Shay.) A highly collectible designer, Boucher's designs are original and creative, and frequently feature figurals. Without looking at the mark, pieces are sometimes mistaken for Kenneth J. Founded in 1972 by Carolee Friedlander, a trained architect.Generally this jewelry features high quality Austrian Swarovski Company crystals (a company founded in 1891) and are also often enameled. Avery, James - In business since 1954, the company is located in Kerrville, TX.This popular and collectible mark is a three-pronged candelabra with the initials JA. (I do not have any Avery jewelry right now.) Avon - Avon has made jewelry from 1971 to the present.A legend exists that the name "costume jewelry" came about when Florenz Ziegfield (Ziegfield Follies) used the term to describe Hobé's jewelry.Because the items made were such high quality, much of it found today remains in excellent condition. To see my Hobé jewelry, click here Hollycraft - 1938-1971. Known for pastel colored rhinestones and combinations.Williams, Nina Ricci, Luke Razza, Felicia, Marley Simon, Nicky Butler, R. Graziano, Susan Lucci, Karen and Eric Erickson, Adrienne and Technibond. Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1945, the company's jewelry is above-average in quality and known for its delicate, feminine qualities. Founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and named after founder Jack Michelson's wife, Mildred Bell. Isaac Manevitz, born in Egypt, is a popular contemporary designer presently located in New York.

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