Dating countryside people


He has permission from landowners to shoot, and covers about 3,000 acres of farmland around his Essex home.

He said: "Farmers who have free-range pig, chickens or sheep can lose so much to the fox." But he is all too aware of illegal lampers and poachers: "People have been spotted shooting into fields from the road as they drive along." While he said there was not a big problem with poaching or illegal lamping, he admitted it was "nigh on impossible to police".

This gang was seen to go out nearly a dozen strong, with 13 dogs, walkie-talkies and full lighting rigs on three vehicles.

Terry Spamer, chief inspector with the unit, said: "Most people we investigate are going onto land without the owner's permission, in four-wheel drives, and once they go across country they are very difficult to track." There are also reports, from Essex and elsewhere, of lampers shooting near roads.

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Lamping, the night-time shooting of animals with the aid of strong spotlights that has, in the past two weeks, led to the death of one boy and serious injuries to another, is widespread and is increasingly used as a cover for illegal persecution of wildlife, an investigation by The Independent on Sunday has discovered.

No national study of the activity has been compiled, but the Io S has learnt of lampers involved in poaching deer, shooting badgers or baiting them with dogs, killing hares and the indiscriminate shooting of foxes and rabbits beyond what might be deemed 'pest control'.

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Initially, the animal's identity was impossible to guess, but as the light ranged across the moonlit field, the shape of a fox became apparent.

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