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Ordered this shirt to wear to a Jimmy Buffett concert and it is perfect. However, it is made in the USA which is hard to find these days. We had just returned from there and was horrified to find we had not gotten enough souvenirs.

How absolutely PERFECT to be able to buy authentic Hawaiian made products from you.

I appreciate this maker having a women's version with a shorter length and a feminine cut. Now, mind you, this was to be worn for 'Hawaiian shirt day' at work.

I also appreciate the care given to ensure the patter lines up across the opening. Not for a screening audition for the remake of Full Metal Jacket, where i stand and taunt the boys on a street corner in the middle of Viet Nam.

We shall never be rid of them, but in a healthy, Liberal society these degenerate proto-humans would be mocked and shunned for their hateful, retarded delusions. Most adults will need help to cope with day-to-day living.”Unfortunately someone trained the Epsilons to listen to Rush and to wander down to the poling place one every few years and vote for someone they’ve been told is personally endorsed by Johnny Quest.

So how can you, the smartly turned-out, Gatling-gun-badinage slingin’ Liberal discern the trace differences among the whelplings so you can mark ‘em down proper in your Lifetime Turdwatcher Book? People who, with great respect to John Mellencamp, have been... Bigots are trash, but bigots who stand on Bibles to lace up the lynching noose in the name of God are the very definition of Evil. site describes as "Slow, simple, supervised” under Employment Options, and another notes, “Generally cannot complete elementary school.

Always follow your desire to build and construct, and build your life and your character brick by brick, but do not hurry.

Leos are more and often very much sub daily motion horoscope virgo july 4 mystic and helpful. A form of quartz, with a silicon dioxide composition is amethyst. Since being under the spotlight comes naturally to a leo child, they may eventually grow up to believe that it is their right to be the center of all attention at all times and that they are best placed to direct the action which should inevitably revolve around them.

” how do you, the busy, career-gal-on-the-go keep track of the various sub-species? But I did not spill my seed upon the ground, so I think I’m still cool with Yahweh.

After all, they’re all kinda stinky and glassy-eyed. Thinks of America as prey to be plucked, fucked and chucked. Meocons spill their seed on the ground, on the baby sitter, on the Statue of Liberty, in your fey Liberal latte, and positively RPG it all over our future.

”Of course, in a sick, Republican society, we let them run the world. Words that sum up the “Steal everything, blame Clinton and hide behind the dead” perversity of the Age of Bush as succinctly as “Give me liberty or give me death.” summed up the Age of Patriots.

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