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The now wealthy gang approach veteran criminal Billy Carmichael and, despite Tucker arguing with Carmichael, they secure a share of a lucrative shipment of guns and drugs going into Rettendon.They then recruit former associate of Carmichael, Ronnie Walsh, who is described as psychopathic and "would eat your face for a fiver and a gram of coke".Whomes discovers this and approaches Nicholls with a shotgun, but Nicholls surprises the two and escapes to a nearby field.Steele orders Whomes to return to the house and follows Nicholls to a farm, where he assures Nicholls "you're dying today".

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Nicholls, however, is wracked with guilt after killing three men.

Strong performances from Bean as loose cannon Jason, Alex Kingston as his beautiful wife and Tom Wilkinson as the businessman/criminal notwithstanding, this is just another disappointing British film.

On a boat in the North Sea, three men are importing drugs into Essex: Mickey Steele, Darren Nicholls and Jack Whomes. The drugs, however, still reach Essex because Steele anticipates trouble and sends Whomes away on a boat with the contraband.

The films Essex Boys (2000), Rise of the Footsoldier (2007), Bonded by Blood (2010), and Essex Boys Retribution (2013) are also based – to varying degrees – on the Rettendon murders.

The film currently holds a 0% 'rotten' score on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 5 reviews, making it the website's second worst reviewed British film of 2013, after Stranded.

Meanwhile, Tate sees himself as "unstoppable" and cheats on his partner Karen, only for her to leave him for Steele.

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