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The proposal, which has been written and rewritten, negotiated and hashtagged (#Yemen Inquiry Now), was strongly supported by advocacy groups like Human Rights Watch.Diplomacy has singularly failed to do anything for the people of Yemen, who are enduring the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth.Coping with the occasional failure of seasonal rains has always been a feature of this arduous livelihood.

In insurgeny-prone areas, hit squads take priority over proper detective work. But if this is to work in an African context, policing needs a radical overhaul.Secessionist sentiment has been building in recent years under the leadership of Kanu, a skilled propagandist.He won sympathy among Igbos in the southeast during a lengthy trial on terrorism and treason charges.A pro-Biafra social media campaign portrays President Muhammadu Buhari as a pro-Muslim northerner out to crush the southeast.In June, northern youth groups upped the ante by demanding that all Igbos must leave the north by 1 October – an uncomfortable reminder of the pogroms in the north that led to the declaration of Biafra in 1967.Instead, this is the story of Aktham, known as “Abu Techno” for his role in getting the word about the Syrian uprising out – and his quest to find a relationship in a new language and culture, with a little help from his German flirt coach Sophia.

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