Dating for middle aged people

Many middle-aged people are responsible for the care of their aging parents.

Those caught in "the sandwich generation" -- squeezed between the needs of young children and those of aging parents – sometimes despair of ever having a social life again.

They may think that people their age look too old for them.

Some refuse to date anyone with what they see as liabilities -- including children, aging parents, disabilities, or health problems.

He does see a cultish aspect to the technology we use.

For others, the road to success begins with an exercise program or a new hairstyle to improve their self-image.

The adventurous give online dating a try, and the courageous turn to therapy to help them heal.

Her work has been published in "American Baby," "Medical Self-Care" and "Current Health." Scheller holds a Master of Public Health and a Master of Education.

To increase your odds of finding a match, you may want to look in more than just one place.

Dating sometimes seems like the only road out of the land of singles, and for the middle-aged, it's a road filled with potholes.

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